June 15, 2021, Tuesday
२०७८ असार २

Emergency blood donation program conducted amidst pandemic

Emergency blood donation program conducted amidst pandemic

Kathmandu – Local groups combined to conduct an emergency blood donation program in Kathmandu on Tuesday amid the growing Covid-19 concern.

A emergency blood collection program was organized in a collaborative efforts of Ombahal Olympus Club, Na:Bahi Samaj, Jhochhen Community Samaj, Daftar Youth Club, Layakusa Manadhar Samaj and Nhusa: Youth Group. Lions Club of Kathmandu Blood Circle and Ward No. 23 Office coordinated with the organizing teams ensuring Covid 19 protocols are strictly heeded.

A representative of the organizing team said that amidst the chaos and fear of Covid 19 second, many lives are at stake due to growing shortage of valuable blood supplies. “The timing of supporting each other is at the peak level at current situation and that it is essential to continue giving hope of survival, at the least”, he said.

Covid -19 health protocols were followed throughout the program, said the organizing team member.

Majority of local youth, under strict health protocol, participated in the noble cause (however, masks were allowed to be taken off for certain period to keep donors safe from side effects)