April 20, 2021, Tuesday
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How to safely celebrate Holi amidst Corona fear

How to safely celebrate Holi amidst Corona fear

Holi festival has fast become a communal celebration in around the world. People of different countries, regardless of geographical location, culture, race or religion have started understanding the meaning of unity, celebration and happiness. A festival of different colors is a common gesture welcoming every human being in public spheres, sharing happiness and gentle benevolent physical contact among the like-minded, friends and relatives while smattering vermilion and other varieties of color.

Such was the fun, at least a year ago before Covid 19 Corona virus hit and entire world had to shutdown.

As life was starting to come back to certain normality, people have high expectations and even bigger plans for this year’s Holi that is on coming Sunday and Monday – 28 and 29 of March.

Sadly, breaking news of new cases of Corona infected has probably disheartened millions around the world.

And, questions are being raised whether to or not celebrate the only festival that brings everyone together and make them happy, especially at such a time when people are divided and suffering.

And if someone desires to celebrate then how to safely enjoy such a wonderful day in the current situation. So, here are some tips or safety measures, before you grab water guns, colors and kick off the dance party.

Safe Holi Celebration during Covid-19:

  • Hydrate your body with plenty of water along with other normal preparation such as protection for hair, eyes and skin.
  • Enjoy in small groups rather than making a big horde.
  • Discourage mob mentality and joining up or allow strangers to form a bigger group.
  • Keep physical distance norms as the topmost priority.
  • Minimum physical contacts by avoiding hugs and hand shakes are also helpful.
  • Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth with hands with color or no colors.
  • Use proper hand sanitizers or wash hand with soap and water before and after the celebration, as well as while touching unknown objects or touching eyes, nose and mouth with hands.
  • Cover mouth and nose while coughing, sneezing or shedding nose and properly sanitize or wash hands afterwards.

Festivals build strong community and create harmonious society that strengthens a person’s mental and physical trauma in their fight against traumatic situations like the global pandemic. It is everyone’s duty to celebrate different festivals responsibly.