June 15, 2021, Tuesday
२०७८ असार २

Work on Malung-Syafrubesi road section under ‘Galchi-Rasuwagadhi’ road project halted

Work on Malung-Syafrubesi road section  under ‘Galchi-Rasuwagadhi’ road project halted

Kathmandu: National pride and renowned ‘Galchi-Trishuli-Malung-Syafrubensi-Rasuwagadhi’ road project has come to a halt.

The projects is halted reaching 65 percent of the overall physical progress of the project after a non-payment issue by the main contractor to the assistant contractor LIK Engineering Services arise.

The contract of 19 km road of Malung-Syafrubensi section was given to Bharat-Siddhisai JV.

As Bharat-SiddhiSai failed to pay LIK Engineering Services after assigning them duties as the assisting contractor, LIK company stopped any work there on.

Upon enquiries regarding the halt in work, the representative of LIK Engineering Service said that the work had to be stopped due to non-payment of checks issued by Bharat-Siddhisai JV resulting in non-payment of construction materials and workers.

Regarding the issue, project chief Narayan Dutt Bhandari said that he was in talks with the contractor company and that he was communicating information related to stopped works.

Also, while talking to him about the non-receipt of payment by the petty contractor, he said that they hold no concern with the petty contractor. He said that it is the responsibility of the person who has got the contract to do the work and thus the account book will be taken from him and in a few days the work will take pace.

The halt has obviously hindered the Galchi-Rasuwagadhi road section, a project of national pride.

It is also reported that petty contractor is readying a court case against LIK Engineering Service Company Limited and Bharat-Siddhisai JV for non-payment of checks.

Council of Ministers in 2073BS Kartik, sanctioned a decision of the construction of 82 km road from Dhading Gorge on Prithvi Highway to Devighat-Trishuli-Rasuwa of Nuwakot via Malung-Syafrubensi-Rasuwagadhi to Kerung Gate of China and the project kick-started within two months. The new goal is to complete this plan by 2080 BS.

For the construction of the road from Rasuwagadhi – the border area with China, to the gorge of Dhading, the Government of Nepal had given the responsibility of work in three sections through the ‘Galchi-Trishuli-Malung-Safrubensi-Rasuwagadhi’ road project.