April 20, 2021, Tuesday
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Increased tourism activities results in reverse migration

Increased tourism activities results in reverse migration

Image: Promotional music video of Chitre Village – Parbat Ki Cheli…….CHITRE (Parbat)

Locals at Chitre village are returning to their place of origin with the increase in tourism activity in the village. Chitre village at Modi Rural Municipality, Parbat district was abandoned as locals migrated to cities nearby for better employment opportunities.

The village’s economy is highly reliant on tourism industry. Homestay and hotel businesses were hit hard along with local shops as the number of tourist decreased to zero this year.

Recent increment of domestic and foreign tourist movements, however, have encouraged the locals to commence the reverse migration.

Nishan Gurung, a fresh returnee from Pokhara is planning to set up a homestay business in his own village. “I have a target to make more money in the village than the city. There is a limited saving in city. Also, I can keep myself engaged in other works here,” he says.

More than 10 other families too have started homestay services. Sushila Devi Gurung, Chairperson of Rural Chitre Home Stay Tourism development committee shared the joy of welcoming over 50 tourists per day at the moment. She shared that the village would be more crowded and vibrant with the return of school and college going students.

Harka Man Gurung another returnee from Kathmandu, expressed his joy to be back, “The climatic situation in the village is very good here. We can make sufficient income here even from normal jobs,” Gurung shared.

Similarly, Min Bahadur Gurung following his return from Saudi Arab started a hospitality business here at Chitre. He shared his pleasure of good income that is adequate for the sustainability of his family.

Chitre village is popular Gurung village, located at 1,500 meter altitude. Rich in bio-diversity, it is also an exemplary location where rich human heritage co-exist with nature without any disturbance. The village is a living museum for cultural activities that ranges from Sorathi, Ghantu, folk songs and dances, food and unique clothing system.